Hijabi Vloggers/Bloggers


As promised via Twitter here is my thoughts on Hijabi Vloggers/Bloggers.

So as a revert and being young I looked to the net to get ideas on how to wear the hijab and some tricks and tips.  There are a lot of lovely women out there creating all sorts of content, from how to style you hijab for school to occasions, how to manage different materials, how to wrap it so your glasses don’t make bulges, creating chest coverage from your scarf and on and on the list goes.  Basically I find any question you have you can pretty much find the answers out there.

While I wont go into crazy detail about each sister (I will let you go and see how amazing they are for yourselves), I will give you the just of why I adore them and find them so helpful.

Saima Chowdhury– She is just so upbeat, silly and happy.  I love reading and watching her stuff and it was her that made me want to try jersey hijabs ( as I mentioned in a previous blog they are so versatile, comfortable and amazing coverage!) and also experiment more with my hijab until I got a style that suits me.  Kinda like having a bad haircut and getting a great one!  Shes young, embracing hijab but also doing her own thing which I love.  Also she makes you feel like taking your time to find how you want to do it is fine, which a lot of new hijabis need to know.  If you wanna know more you can find her here http://www.saimachowdhury.co.uk/ or just write her name into YouTube.

Nabiilabee– I’ve watched her for couple of years now on and off and seen her style change and develop from newbie experimenting to confident designer. Its thanks to her that I discovered the greatness of the ninja under scarf (it covers your head and neck so you can wear basically any hijab without you skin showing, plus make you extra warm and cosy come winter time).  While I personally am not into the turban craze or really into much make up on a daily basis whether it be from her or anyone else ( we all have our own styles and personal taste), I do love her hijab tutorials and she is just adorable to learn from.    If you wanna know more you can find her here http://nabiilabee.uk/ or just write her name into YouTube.

Ruba Zai (aka HijabHills)–  Again like the previous two I have watched and loved her for quite a while.  Her style both in hijab and clothes is generally elegant and stylish.  She has some great tutorials and seems to never run out of ways to wrap your hijab.  One of the main things I adore about her is that her hijab styles always look effortless.  If you wanna know more you can find her here http://www.hijab-hills.com/ or just write her name into YouTube.

Eslimah– Now while I have only been following her for about 10 months or so I do really adore her as well.  While she has a few tutorials she doesn’t really teach you how to do hijab but is more a Muslim fashion model who is hired by different Muslim companies.  She gives you an insight into how she dresses etc, but the best thing about her is how she shares about her faith.  She is a revert and has suffered the loss of some family and friends for her decision but she is so strong and does not hide away from who she is.  Come on she is all over the net wearing hijab, she is proud to say hey I’m a Muslimah, just the same as the rest of these wonder women. If you wanna know more you can find her here http://eslimah-official.com/ or just write her name into YouTube.

I can not choose one as a favourite, they all have their own particular points that speak to me and attract me to them.  I have learned quite a bit from all of them, and while they are not the most famous of all the Muslim bloggers/vloggers I have became more confident wearing the hijab and began to love it thanks to all these amazingly lovely ladies.

As always happy to hear your feedback and questions.

Milly xx


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