How did you start to wear hijab?


Well as i mentioned i was hopeless at it and pins were my greatest enemy ha ha 😀

As with everything you start off trying it. I tried it as i knew it was an important part of Islam but i had my reservations as I felt stupid in it if I’m honest.  I was far from committed at first more experimental, I would wear it if we were going to the city etc but wouldn’t bother if people came to our home or I was out in the grounds of the house.  Hijab doesn’t just refer to the scarf you dawn on your head though, it also means covering by wearing modest clothes. We went shopping for long sleeved tops to begin with and I actually found wearing sleeves harder than the hijab, as I was always a vest or strap top girl so the change was hard on me.

The first few weeks take a lot of getting used to, its like being in someone else’s skin I found. Some days I didn’t bother altogether, I needed to take it slow but I was determined as I felt it was better to be modest in how I dressed and presented myself plus the women I was surrounded by did it beautifully. Yes they were wearing long sleeved full length everything but with a lot of style and integrating the latest fashions.  I had previously assumed covering meant boring, how wrong was I.

Fast forward 9 years and here I am with a large collection of scarves, a few abayas ( long black light dress), some jilbabs (like a coat) and many flowy maxi skirts and I don’t think I could ever go back.  Don’t get me wrong I love a cute pair of shorts or a low cut sequenced top as much as the next girl; and I do wear them but in the house, for occasions, family parties etc where only women see you.

Now while it worked out for me I know a lot of Muslimahs who don’t wear hijab and while it is a part of being a Muslim and Allah (Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) requires it of us, I don’t believe it is the most important part by far.  Wearing it or not does not in my opinion define whether you are a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Muslim, especially at the beginning.  Some people rush and tick every box straight away but then lose faith and stop practicing Islam altogether.  Yes hijab is a requirement but i think you if you wear the hijab but then don’t pray or fast for example then really what is the point?  I know women who dress the opposite of modest but their faith is out of this world and they practice Islam much better than me.  I am not saying they should not strive to wear hijab but rather that at the end of the day its whats your intentions are that matters.

As you grow as a hijabi so does your personal style and taste.  My arsenal of ways to wrap my scarf is ever increasing, especially thanks to YouTube tutorials and also the crazy amount of scarves available now.  Recently I got Jersey scarves from online and they are amazing (to say they are soft is an understatement) and the owner is just lovely.  They have fast become my favourites not just because they drape, give amazing chest coverage and look gorgeous on but because you don’t really have to iron them ha ha.  Yes I can be lazy sometimes but as a mum of toddlers sometimes you need practical and if it can look fab at the same time even better 😀

Fellow Muslimahs do you have stories of how you started wearing hijab? If so would love to hear them xx

As always I’m always interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on the topic and any questions you might have 😀

*In case any of you are interested, the Jersey hijabs I mentioned are from, I have ordered a few times from there and its my go to for Jerseys, would totally recommend it.


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