Hello world!

Hello I’m Milly 😀

New to blogging and if I’m completely honest with you don’t exactly know what I’m doing. But I like to write, love to share and I’m always interested to hear other peoples experiences, so here i am giving it ago.

Quick summary of Moi….I’m 25, married with kids and a revert to Islam.  Trying to balance life is crazy, I have responsibilities and titles like “mummy”  and “adult” to live up to, but at same time I’m growing and changing as a person, as a woman.

I got the idea to write a blog as a lot of friends (Atheists, Christians and Muslims) ask me questions regarding my becoming a Muslim and then subsequently marrying a Muslim Arab man and moving to his country.  So I am gonna try and give an insight into the changes in everyday life eg hijab, prayer etc, but also the differences I’ve experienced in how i perceive life as a result.

If you have questions of your own feel free to comment and I will try to answer honestly as i can 🙂


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