How did you find Islam?

Ok, so I’m gonna tell you how i reverted to give you a little bit of a backstory.

I was 16 and the complete opposite of religious, i drank, i smoked, i wore hipster jeans and low cut vest tops, had tattoos and i was just wild and hungry to “live life” as a lot of teenagers who are eager to grow up are.  If you told me to sit i would run just to be defiant.  So i get this friend and while I knew he was an Arab, I really didn’t find any major differences than any other foreigners living in the UK at the time.  He was a student at Uni and was a valuable source and insight to uni life.  while getting to know him i learned bits and pieces about his country and his religion among other things.  Long story short, he was telling me once about what he does and doesn’t do as a Muslim and i found myself generally interested and wanting to know more.  So I search engined ‘Muslim way of life’ and began picking up little bits, mainly scrolling through until a word would catch my eye and id read a wee bit.  I ask my friend for information as well but while he answered my questions he said if your really interested you should read a book in English about it as i don’t want my loose grasp on the language to misinform you. some time passes i have a book and have decided i want to be a Muslim.

My friend and I have meanwhile got pretty close and are pretty into each other.  Between hanging out with uni folk and my new interest in Islam i found myself not wanting to drink, then not party.  shortly after i took my Shahadda at my parents house. My parents were totally cool, they raised us Atheist and whatever you wanted to believe in was up to you.  fast forward a few months and I’m in love with my Arab friend and I’m telling my mum that i want to marry him.  she had gotten to know him in this time and both her and my dad adored him but still i was 16 and she was hesitant. but not long after she supported me and she helped choose a dress.  We had a simple wedding with just my family and some close friends. We then traveled to his home country to meet his family and to have an Islamic wedding ceremony with his family present.

I wont sugar coat it and say it was easy, culture shock doesn’t cover it but i just seen it as an extension of the man i loved and was gonna give it a go and see.  at this point i haven’t yet began praying as in how you are meant to but i did speak to Allah (Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) sometimes and was still eagerly learning.  I was being taught some small Arabic chapters of Quran so i could begin praying and i was eager to try hijab ( scarf you wrap around your head to cover your hair), as everyone else wore one.  I was rubbish at it, scarf wouldn’t do as it was told and pinning it in place! If my head had been full of water. I’m sure it would have been flowing out all the holes i made in my head.


Looking back i think i was quite slow on becoming a Muslim but that was what was best for me, my own pace.


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